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After a wonderful tour of South America with the entire family for 6 months, Equipo van den Burg and his family arrived on Curacao, where they have been living wonderfully since 2016. Construction of Villas Vista Royal started in 2017 and the three villas were completed in May 2018. Villas Vista Royal has become a beautiful accommodation where the adventurous family has invested a lot of time and energy in creating something beautiful and they have succeeded! Every detail has been thought of and the family is very happy to welcome you! 

Villas Vista Royal (2018), decorated in a Caribbean style, consists of 3 villas located next to each other. The villas are walled, but the sliding walls between the villas give the possibility to merge the villas, allowing you to stay here with a maximum of 22 people.


  • Location within walking distance of Jan Thiel Beach
  • You can stay with 22 people
  • The entire accommodation is at your disposal, no other guests